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New Online Wedding Planner Helps Couples Plan a Wedding Using One Easy Tool

One Stop Wedding Planner announced the launch of, the world’s most effective online organizational tool that helps couples organize the details of their wedding. Foreseen as an irreplaceable tool and the notion that organization is the key to a successful wedding, this comes as a pleasant surprise and an exceptional website that anyone can use. A wedding is comprised of hundreds of TO-DOs and details that require the bride and groom to get them done in a limited time frame, and with the help of a friendly tool that organizes these details there’s no doubt the bride and groom will be more relaxed on their big day. Not everyone has the time, resources, and knowledge necessary to develop a template that will successfully organize every wedding detail. One Stop Wedding Planner has done the work for you, and the probability of a stress free wedding awaits you!

Unlike wedding websites, engaged couples planning a wedding using One Stop Wedding Planner are provided with the knowledge and freedom to successfully plan a wedding and personalize the experience.

One Stop Wedding Planner features include:

  • Agenda – Create an agenda for your wedding day.
  • Budget – Complete list of wedding items listed in a spreadsheet format where couples can estimate costs and keep track of real costs to ensure they stay on budget.
  • Calendar - Couples have access to the most complete To-Do list that has been pre-populated according to every task that needs to get done each month until the day of their wedding, and a ticker that tells couples when tasks are over due.
  • Contacts – A pre-populated list of contacts that’s linked to the contacts you enter for each planning area.
  • Guest List – Keep track of all the details of your attendees; who is coming, who is not, how many in the party, contact information, gifts received, thank-you cards sent, and more.
  • Floor Plan – In a matter of minutes, couples can create their own floor plan and seating chart, by assigning people to the tables they’ve created.
  • Flowers – Keep track of flower arrangement details, such as costs, delivery times, and contact information.
  • Food – Plan food and beverages for your rehearsal dinner and reception.
  • Gifts & Favors – Organize attendee gifts, wedding party gifts, welcome and parting gifts; keep records of whom they are going to and costs, and take advantage of our list of suggestions.
  • Hotels – Keep track of hotel details for where guests will be staying, when they arrive and depart, reservation numbers and contact information.
  • Music – Create a list of music couples want played at their wedding. Choose from a top list of suggestions, and preview each song.
  • Photography – Create a list of individual, couple, and group shots so that your photographer is informed.
  • Registries – Keep a list of registries, and have easy access to them whenever you need.
  • Transportation – Keep track of contact information, budget and schedule details, as well as an agenda for pick-up and drop-off times.
  • Wedding Party – A contact list of the wedding party, and the ability to list/arrange individuals according to what order they walk down the isle.

A Solution For The Shortcomings Of Traditional Online Wedding Websites

Although all leading online wedding websites disregard the intricate organizational aspects of wedding planning, One Stop Wedding Planner tackles this problem by engineering a user-friendly tool that automatically provides couples with the knowledge of WHAT needs to take place to plan a wedding and the tool to make the wedding go off without a hitch!

About One Stop Wedding Planner

Founded by Katie Jarvis (professional marketing event planner for a New York City based firm), engineered by JV Media Design (high end web, graphic, and multimedia design company), One Stop Wedding Planner is the world’s first online website where couples can organize every detail of their wedding. A wedding is one of the most important days in a person’s life, but with the help of One Stop Wedding Planner, couples will spend less time stressing and more time enjoying the countdown of the most exciting and memorable day!

Katie Jarvis

See the syndicated press release published at PR Web for additional details about the launch of One Stop Wedding Planner.