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One Stop Wedding Planner Makes Wedding Budget Planning Easy

Weddings cost money, in fact, the wedding market has grown to be a $60 billion dollar business, and the average cost of an actual wedding has sky rocketed to over $23,000. That’s close to what an average American makes in one year. So as you can imagine, a wedding costing $23,000 is not only going to be an enormous event entailing thousands of details, but it’s going to require future planning and careful budgeting to make sure you don’t run out of money. And what a shame that would be, to postpone your wedding because you cannot afford to pay for it! Yes folks, this is actually occurring, and well, this is where One Stop Wedding Planner has come up with a brilliant solution.

Here at One Stop Wedding Planner, we offer a site that has 15 planning tools, including a wedding budget organizer that will help couples plan for their wedding. This tool can be used years in advance of the actual date. There is nothing worse than last minute planning and feeling like expense are getting out of control. With our wedding budget organizer, you can estimate costs, and then plug in actual costs so you know you’re on budget! Additionally, we provide a complete list of every cost for a wedding. This ensures no last minute “Oh no, I forgot we have to buy ______!” situations.

Special Features of the One Stop Wedding Planner Budgeter includes:

  • Wedding Information – a complete list of wedding expenses; 13 categories and over 80 wedding costs.
  • Customizing Abilities – the capability to edit the wedding budget list by adding new expenses or deleting costs that don’t pertain to your wedding.
  • Track/Estimate Costs – the ability to estimate individual and total wedding costs, so you’re right on budget every step of the way.
  • Budget Saving Tips – a list of useful tips to help save thousands of dollars.

A wedding celebrates an important day; it’s the beginning of new couple’s life together. To ensure the day is the filled with every couple’s dream, without having to worry about long term debt, or even worse, have to postpone the wedding because you’ve run out of money, a dutiful wedding budget planner is must! The One Stop Wedding Planner budgeter provides all the information, user capabilities, and efficiency a couples needs to create a financially successful wedding.

Katie Jarvis, expert at One Stop Wedding Planner , understands that people need to start planning months or even years in advance. We offer a tool that allows you to track these costs and be more financially prepared so you don’t run out of money and have to postpone you wedding, like we find many couples doing these days.

We’re also a community based wedding site and collect money-saving tips. We’ve opened a community for people to share ideas on user feedback where users can input creative ways to save money. Katie also provides her expert tips on how to save money, as well as tips on everything you need to know about your wedding day!

See the syndicated press release published at PR Web for additional details about One Stop Wedding Planner’s wedding budget planner.