One Stop Wedding Planner

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What's Inside One Stop Wedding Planner?

My Agenda

Create your own agenda; so, when all of the wedding day details, such as ceremony time, transportation, and reception time etc., start piling up, you have an easy tool to organize it all.

My Budget

Track all of your expenses with our bodacious budgeter which includes a complete list of typical wedding costs.  Additionally, you are able to budget for your wedding and create an estimate of segmented and total costs.

My Calendar

Organize your TO-DO’s with an updated calendar, in which you can print and post as a reminder for what you have to-do for the day/week/month.  For over due tasks, we’ll send you an email reminder to keep you on schedule. Also, we have provided you with a thorough list of TO-DO’s from 6-12 months before until the day of your wedding

My Contacts

Keep a list of all of your contacts, such as the florist, hotel, DJ, caterer, transportation, photographer etc.  

My Guest List

Create an organized guest list that will keep track of all of the details of your attendees, who is coming, who is not, and who is tentative, contact information, etc.  Print a list of all attendees and their contact information so you can easily address invitations.

My Floor Plan

This is the ultimate tool in which you are able to create your own personalized floor plan!  Our print function allows you to print the entire floor plan and seating chart, so you can give to your reception coordinator.  It’s extremely user friendly and exactly what you need to tackle the monstrous floor plan and seating chart task. 

My Flowers

Keep track of your contacts and flower arrangement details, such as costs, delivery times, etc. 

My Food

Plan food and beverages for you Rehearsal, Reception and more.

My Registries

Keep a list of your registries, and have easy access to them whenever you need. 

My Lists
Gifts and Favors

Organize all details of gifts and favors, such as attendee gifts, wedding party gifts, welcome gifts and parting gifts; keep record of who they’re going to, costs, etc.  Also, we provide you with a regularly updated list of suggestions for each category.


Keep track hotel contact information, and details of where your guests will be staying and their reservation information. 


Keep record of your music contacts, and create a list of the music you want played at your wedding. Also, we provide you with a regularly updated list of song options for all occasions, i.e. ceremony, reception etc.


Keep track of your photographer and/or videographer’s contact information, as well as create of list of the individual, couple, and group shots that must be taken on your wedding day. 


Keep track of your transportation contacts, budget and schedule details, as well as an agenda for pick up and drop off times.

Wedding Party

Create a wedding party contact list, as well as give you the option to list/arrange individuals according to what order they will walk down the aisle.