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One Stop Wedding Planner Wedding Glossary

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Wedding bubbles – Instead of rice, used to send off the bride and groom after the wedding ceremony.

Wedding cake server - A knife used in the cutting the wedding cake.

Wedding cake top - A statue used to adorn the top of a wedding cake.

Wedding favors - A gift given as gratitude to the wedding guests.

Wedding guest book - A book used for the collection of signatures and addresses of guests attending the wedding.

Wedding money bag - A bag the bride uses to hold monetary gifts given during the wedding reception.

Wedding party - Attendants who are part of the wedding, such as groomsmen and bridesmaids.

Wedding ring Pillow - A pillow that holds the rings, carried down the aisle by the ring bearer.

Wedding veil - A piece of tulle the bride uses that connects to the headpiece.

Wali - These are representatives of the bride at a Moslem wedding.

Walima - The Moslem term for a wedding reception.

Waltz Veil - A veil that falls between the knee and ankle.

Waistcoat - Worn to cover the trouser waistband.