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One Stop Wedding Planner Wedding Glossary

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Sweep Train - A short wedding dress train that it extends 8 to 12 inches after touching the floor.

Semi-formal - Less restrictive choice of clothing applies when attending a less-formal wedding.

Stroller Coat - A semiformal dark colored jacket that resembles a tuxedo, but worn for daytime weddings.

Semi -Cathedral Train-A dress that extends 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 feet from the waist.

Sleeveless Bodice - A style that doesn't have attached sleeves.

"Save the Date" Card – Prior to the wedding invitation being sent, informal wedding announcements that allows your guests to make the necessary arrangements to attend your wedding.

Sephardim - Jewish traditions originating from the Mediterranean, Spain and Portugal.

Shabbat - (shah-BAHT) Hebrew word for "Sabbath."

Simcha - (seem-CHAH) - The celebration of joy and a joyous occasion. At a Jewish wedding, it is a post-ceremony party whose purpose is to heighten the jubilation of the bride and groom.

Silhouette (dress) – The basic outline and style of a dress.

Shawl collar - A smooth, roundly lapel that doesn’t have a notch.