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One Stop Wedding Planner Wedding Glossary

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Rehearsal dinner – A formal dinner that takes place before the wedding in which the families get together and rehearse the ceremony.

Rolled Fondant - Icing made of gelatin, confectionery sugar and water, that has a beautiful porcelain finish for beading or tiny flowers.

Royal Icing – A mixture of sugar and egg white piped through a bag to create flowers and other decorations that when dry are placed individually on the wedding cake.

Raised Tiers – The columns that separate the wedding cake to make it appear taller.

Ring Bearer – Typically a young boy, who walks down the aisle as part of the bridal procession holding an ornamental cushion with wedding rings tied to it.

Ring Pillow - A pillow that holds the rings, carried down the aisle by the ring bearer.

Rukhsat - A Moslem ritual tradition that takes place at weddings where the father of the bride gives her hand in marriage to her groom, on the promise that he will take care of her.