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One Stop Wedding Planner Wedding Glossary

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Guest book - A special book used to collect signatures and addresses of attending guests of a wedding.

Garter – A lace band that holds up the bride’s stocking and is tossed by the groom to the single men at the wedding.

Garland - A rope or strand of flowers used to adorn pews, staircases and doorways at a wedding.

Groom's Tish - The groom's table where his groomsmen, and male family members gather for song and dance before the wedding ceremony.

Groom's Cake - A smaller version of the wedding cake served at the engagement party or the rehearsal dinner.

Girdle (diamond) - The outer edge of the diamond that forms a band around the stone.

Ganache - Chocolate and cream mixture used to fill or garnish a wedding cake.

Gum Paste - A mixture of sugar, starch and gelatin. It's the substance used to create the realistic looking flowers, fruits and ribbons on a wedding cake.

Glimmer Hosiery - Hosiery which have high reflection properties; usually sheer or opaque.

GIA - Gemological Institute of America is an organization that establishes and upholds the standards for grading diamonds and other precious stones.